3 Easy Steps to List your Academy

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First, Register yourself providing your email address and other details.

Click "Add Listing"

Fill the Form providing all necessary details and click "Save & Preview" Button

Submit Listing

Click "Submit" to submit your Listing OR "Edit" if you further want to edit your Listing.

Guide – How to fill the Submit Form

  1. Register yourself
  2. Login to the website
  3. Click “Add Listing”
  4. Listing Name – Choose your Listing Name, for example “XYZ Tennis Academy”
  5. Description- Describe your Academy (story about your academy)
  6. Location – Choose location (it will auto populate)
  7. Listing Category – Select categories your Academy belongs to (you can make multiple choices)
  8. Listing Amenities – Select what facilities your Academy has (you can make multiple choices)
  9. Featured Image – Upload featured image
  10. Gallery Image – Upload Gallery Images (you should upload multiple images)
  11. Video – Upload your relevant videos
  12. Hours of Operation – Define your Academy Timings day wise
  13. Mention your website, if any (if interested; you may ask us to develop a website for you, please call: +91 – 784 002 5914
  14. Price Range – Optional
  15. Price From – Optional
  16. Price To – Optional
  17. Phone – Provide your Phone Number
  18. Email – Provide your Email ID
  19. Twitter URL – Provide your Twitter URL, if any
  20. Facebook URL – Provide your Facebook URL, if any
  21. Linkedin URL – Provide your Linkedin URL, if any
  22. Pinterest URL – Provide your Pinterest URL, if any
  23. Instagram URL – Provide your Instagram URL, if any